SMBA Update October 8, 2014

Updated Wednesday October 8, 2014 by Saskatoon Minor Basketball.

SMBA Update October 8, 2014

Team Information

Each team is to provide their own first aid kit and stop watch and must provide a timer or scorekeeper in all divisions except the Spud division.

FIBA FIBA Rule Changes 2014 that SMBA will implement this year

Article 18 – Time Outs

The number of time-outs has not changed:

-           2 for each team in the first half

-          3 for each team in the second half

However, each team may not take more than two time-outs in the last 2 minutes of the 4th period.

Article 12.1.2 – Held Ball

A held ball occurs when one or more players from opposing teams have one or both hands firmly on the ball so that neither player can gain control without undue roughness.

Article 36 – Technical Foul

-          The penalty for a technical foul is now one (1) free throw and a throw-in at the centre line extended, opposite the table.

-          At the beginning of the game, the free throw will be followed by a jump ball.

-          A player committing a second technical foul in the game shall be disqualified.

o   If a player is disqualified for a second technical foul, the penalty shall still be 1 one and a throw-in.


The AGM will be held on October 15, 2014 at Walter Murray Cafeteria at 7 PM.

It is important that all coaches and Community coordinators attend this meeting because of changes that need to be made to the SMBA Constitution.

Respect in Sport

 If you haven’t completed the Respect in Sport online module please get that done as quick as you can.  If you have it from prior years, then it counts, so please send me your “RIS” number that you would have received when you finished it.  The link for the module is here:

Criminal Checks

Criminal checks are due on October 18, 2014. You can give it to the gym sup at your first game or email it to the SMBA office.

Division Schedules

Divisions have been posted on the web site for all divisions except Bantam Boys.

Coaches, please check for any errors with the hard copies you received

SMBA Rules and FIBA Rules

SMBA rules for all divisions may be downloaded from here:

FIBA rules may be downloaded from here:

SMBA calendar

The SMBA calendar for the 2014/2015 season may be downloaded from the main page of the SMBA web here: