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Dunkaroos Basketball is a grade 1 and 2 division that teaches players the fundamental skills of basketball. The game has been modified to meet the needs of very young players.


This program will run from October 15th, 2016 to December 10th and from January 7th 2017 to February 11, 2017. 


  • Fee for the 2016-2017 season is $95.00 (a mandatory $5.00 online registration fee will be applied upon checkout.)
  • All registrations must be done online through our website. Dunkaroos cannot be accessed through any community association. 
    Registration fees will be refunded less a $25 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds once the program starts.

  • The program will run for one hour, at the same time and same gym each week (All groups will be at Brunskill school at their alloted time each Saturday).

  • There will be half practice and half instructional game each Saturday (at the start this will probably be modified depending on the skill of the child).

  • Teams will consist of from 6 to 7 players

  • Players will be given a basketball and team shirt

  • All players will receive a medal at the end of the season.

  • ALL COACHES ARE VOLUNTEERS and coaches (parents) are strongly encouraged to register to coach. Manuals will be supplied and supervisors will be at each gym to assist the coaches. Head Coaches will be asked to submit a criminal check to the SMBA. This form may be downloaded below The SMBA will pay the cost for this processs. More information will follow when coaches register.
  • The Dunkaroos coaches clinic will be on October 2nd

  • Coaches can register online. The link will be on the League Home page right under the menu on the left hand side of the page.
  • *For anyone not paying online*

    If you have registered online and decided to pay by cheque or cash, please mail or drop off payments to 142 Gillies Lane Saskatoon, Sk. S7V 0J8. All cheques should be made out to SMBA. All payments made offline should be mailed or dropped off as soon as the registration has been done. This will help avoid those pesky emails saying you owe money. Thanks for helping us make things run smoothly.

  • If you have any questions please contact the SMBA at 343-1832 or email randi.mac@shaw.ca


Dunkaroo Gym Times

All groups will be at Brunskill School Here
Depending on the number of participants, the early times will be used before the later times.
Times are:

  • 9:00-10:15 
  • 10:15- 11:30 
  • 11:30-12:45 
  • 12:45-2:00 
  • 2:00-3:15  
  • 3:15-4:30
McTavish Carson Male
Espeseth Kaylee Female
Stephen Jack  Male
Cowan Natasha  Female
Cowan Luke Male
Diakow Nicholas Male
Wruck Desirae Female
Lovelace  Isaiah  Male
Mewis Max Male
Mewis Bree Female
Casavant Nathan Male
August Jake Male
Park Alyssa Female
Mewis-Thoresen Holden Male
Vilar Joseah Female
Manning Neala Female
Bouthillette Owen Male
Halstead Noah Male
Arams Landon Male
Doepker  Gabriel  Male
McBee Dominick Male
Nayak  Phoenix  Male
Bourassa Ryder Male
Broda Grace Female
Sinclair Dylan Male
Cook Owen Male
Diddi Aasrith Male
Gullacher Boston



Hawley Andrew
Hawley Lucas 
hofmann Jacob
Earl Eddie
Clark Avery
Spray William
Sherin Michael
Taylor Sienna
Pearson June
Houdek McKenna
Dally Leo
Fenrich Jorja
Guenther Brynn
Berkan Seth
  Coach Tyler Sharp
Knoll Lucy
Deibert Sierra
Graham Owen
Mitchell Kyden
Campbell-Woloschuk  Zane 
Scott Cameron
Boles Hayden
Lamothe Maelle
Hickey Ellie
Samson Giovanni
de Guzman Benedict
Heide Milo
Zimmer  Nikita 
Tysowski Ali
 Holt Mellor Grier


Deutscher Reese
Hill Alex
Rodda Owen
Tyson Lucian
Auge Joah
Tyson Syn
Friedenstab Maddie
Nieth Emma
Anning Emily
Aaro Dyllin
Dickinson Beck
Bear Levi
Epple Logan
Ma Adam
Buttinger  Jade
Glen Deirdre
Gagnon Boston
Johnson  Dillon
Williams Jamaal
Simair Lucia
Schuler Jaslyn
Spence Aleska
Baier Jewel 
Pearson Addie 
Rovensky Hazen
Marcoux Joshua
Gjesdal Knute
Smith Wyatt
 Holt Mellor Grier


Charlton Raeya
Chin Maxwell
Smith Wyatt
Boyle Finn
Schmidt Auden
Naidu Brighton
Charlton Jaxon
Backman Lewis
Hansen Leif
Pollak Alexander
Watts Hamish
Tanton Shiah
opperman ashton
Kwan Ethan
Nielsen Ilah
Kehler Brody
Johnson Owen
Hoehn Marlee
Bath Mehtab
Wruck Rémi
Tomilenko Vincent
Carter Jeremiah
Baker Mikhyan
Johnson Burton
Cruz Fogal Jasper
McGonigal Xander
Laturnus Braesten-Boyd
Lejbak Piper


Smith Juliette
Nyekanyeka Ramona
Miehe Odin 
Coflin Georgia
Sundar Shishir
Javier Hendrix
English Daemon
Lara Spagrud
Tastad Tollef
Groleau Eloic
Groleau Raphael
Harutyunyan Hayk
O Dalaigh Ran
Frankenhauser Paul
Leswick Daniel
Codling Jacob
Norval Liam
Jansen van Rensburg Joah
Weinheimer Jaxon
Kozak Jacob
Shimell Levi
Breen Jack
Lepp Parker
Solheim Isaac
Burnett Max
Milnthorp Julia
Long Kian
Ditablan Aria



Harvey Kendall
Benson Jasper
Tigg Lukas
Sander Sydney
AHMODU Maxwell
Stewart Jona
Hoff marley
Harvey Jarod
Dawe Maxton
Korchinski Ethan
Wintermute Kade
Boychuk Luke
MacKenzie Aniken
Stevens Kohen
Bourassa Thomas 
Dawe Kory
Smith Lucien (Luc)
Yonge Prestyn
Salooja Naamroop
Henschel Mason
Chubb Jaiman
Didur Jaxon
LaRose Ryder
Neudorf Landon
Bode Hunter
Bode Wyatt
Bode Travis
Houdek Samantha
Nieman Summer
Villareal  Roman


Dunkaroo's Game Modifications

The Dunkeroos Basketball Program is for Grade 1 and 2 in the Fall/Winter season and will use the following game modifications.

1. Games are played as two 14 minute running times halves with a two-minute halftime. The first 25 minutes of each meeting will be spent in learning games and drills, some with their own team of six players and some that involve all 24 players in the gym

2. The basket height will be 7 to 8 feet from the ground and a size 5 ball will be used for all games.

3. There will be no scores or standings kept at this age level.

4. Games will be 3 on 3 at one basket

5. The coaches will act as referees for all games. Coaches should emphasize 'teaching' over just refereeing. Coaches should also focus on their team more than the other, but can make calls and teach BOTH sides where needed. Traveling and double dribble violations are called by the coach who then reminds the player about the violation. The violating player gets the ball back to try again.

6. There will be 3 free shooting spots on the floor. Players can shoot from the mats on the floor or they could shoot from anywhere but if they happened to have the ball on the shooting mat they would get an undefended shot There is no defense to be played at all when an offensive player has the ball on one of the shooting mats. The play will stop and the shooter will be given a free uncontested shot at the basket. Defensive players should focus on getting the rebound if the shot is missed.

7. Fouls can be called by either coach for excessive body contact. Use this as a teaching opportunity to show the player who committed the 'foul' on how to properly play defense. There will be no 'free throws' taken in the game. All fouls will see the ball returned to the offense for an in bounds pass from the side or end line (nearest point to where the 'foul' occurred).

8. Violations such as traveling and double dribble should be called after a few warnings to the player. Again, use this as a teaching opportunity to show how to properly advance the ball within the rules of the game! Traveling and double dribble violations are called by the coach who then reminds the player about the violation. The violating player gets the ball back to try again.

9. Teams must alternate the 'ball carrier' throughout the game to ensure every child has a chance to play the 'point guard' position. A player who brings the ball down the floor must make one pass before a scoring attempt is made.

10. A player cannot take more five dribbles after the first pass before making an attempt to score. The goal is to see ALL players touch the ball as much as possible in each possession.

11. A player has the option to pass the ball to their own coach on the floor if they have difficulty passing the ball to a teammate.

12. If the ball is 'tied up' between two opposing players, the possession will go to the defense

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