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Travel Information

If you are going to tournaments there are few things you must know:
You will be covered by the BSI insurance if all of the players are members of THE SAME SMBA WINTER TEAM (with no pick ups).
To be fully covered, SMBA and BSI will need the following information ASAP

The name of the coach:
The number of players:
Where you are going (and name of tournament):
When you are going :
Mode of transportation (minimum of two in a vehicle):

BSI Membership Benefits MembershipPackage

To Saskatoon Club Teams:
BSI would like to set up a page on their web site with information about club teams so that you will be able to contact other clubs to set up exhibition games and invite teams to tournaments.
If you would like to be included please send the following information to

Club Name:
Age and gender of Teams:
Contact Information: Name, phone & email address.
Web site Link if applicable.

Also for those of you who aren’t already members and are interested in having a membership package sent out please request the information along with your mailing address. As a member you will have liability insurance as well as sport accident insurance for all of your players, coaches and administrators (a lot of tournaments require that you have insurance to attend their tournament). You will also be eligible for the Membership Assistance Grant. Details of the insurance and MAP grant are included in the package.


Tournaments Available:

Club season is officially underway, so we wanted to send a reminder that our annual GYGO Club Tournament will be held on May 5, 6 & 7 , 2017 at O'Neill High School and St. Peter Elementary School. The registration payment deadline is April 21, and we would like to encourage teams to register asap as we may need to acquire a third high school gym for use in the tournament and would like to get on that as soon as possible.
The attachment below has all the details you need.


GYGO Club Boys and Girls Tournament 2017.docx
Prairie Dog Classic Registration 2017 Form.pdf
RCBA 3on3 Tournament Invite 2017.docx
Slam Season Opener 2017.jpg